Operating instructions for the Relia service

Relia is a management software of the measurement data, developed for builders, constructors and building maintenance companies. The software has been designed to support the SolidRH system to enable an efficient utilization of the benefits created by this equipment.

The Relia service is available in


Registration to the Relia service is performed via the front page of the service. Fill in all fields in the form and read the contract and end user terms and conditions. After accepting the terms and conditions, click the “Register” button. The “Company” and “Phone number” fields are optional.

Logging in

You can log in to the Relia service at the top of the front page. Enter your e-mail address and passwords into the fields and click the log in button. If you have forgotten your password, you can get a temporary password via the “Forgot Password?” link.

Project menu

Using the project menu, you can choose the project for browsing, by clicking its name or create a new project by using the “Create New Project” option.

Creating a new project

The new project is created by choosing the “Create New Project” option in the project menu. The obligatory information of the project includes the name of the project. When clicking “Save”, Relia is transferred to the PROJECT PLAN mode. For further instructions, refer to section Project management.

Project page

Elements of the view

The following options can be found in the menu bar at the top of the page:

A drop-down menu for selecting the ground plan can be found below the menu bar.

The measurement points with the latest results included in the selected ground plan can be found on the left side of the view.

There is a changing view with the following options on the right:

The contact info of the project can be found on the bottom right corner of the view.

Change of the ground plan

The browsed ground plan can be changed via the “Plan” menu on top of the page.

Selection of the measurement point

The measurement point can be selected for analyzing by clicking the point in the measurement point list on the left side.

Alternatively, you can make the selection in the ground plan view by clicking the measurement point.

Navigation in the ground plan

The ground plan can be moved by dragging with the mouse. For a closer view, the ground plan can be zoomed in or out, using the roller of the mouse. Buttons “+” and “-” for zooming in and out can be found on the edge of the ground plan.

Project management

Menu bar functions

The following functions can be found in the menu bar:

Project plan

Making of the project plan has two different views:

Adding of new ground plan

A new ground plan can be added to the project by choosing “Add new...” in the “Plan” menu. On the page displayed, a name must be given to the ground plan and the ground plan image file must be downloaded from the user’s computer. After this, click “Save”. After saving, the new ground plan can be found in the “Ground plan” menu.

Removal of the ground plan

The selected ground plan can be removed by clicking the REMOVE PLAN button. You should note that the removed ground plan cannot be returned without recreating it.

Adding a measurement point

A new measurement point can be added to the project by dragging the “Add measurement point” icon to the desired position over the ground plan. The name of the measurement point must then be filled in the form, adding at least one measurement depth. The measurement point is accepted by clicking “Accept” or the rejection is canceled by clicking “Cancel".

Shortcuts of the various measurement points used in the project appear below the “Add measurement point” icon. By dragging them, you can add similar measurement points to the ground plan more quickly.

Editing the measurement point

The measurement data can be edited by clicking the set measurement point.

The measurement point can be moved by dragging it to a new position.

Deleting a measurement point

The measurement point can be deleted by clicking the “X” button next to the measurement point name.

Adding a sensor to the measurement point

Note! To connect a sensor to the measurement point, you have two options:
1. WSync software and SolidRH reader which is used for reading the sensors.
2. Personal-sensors section mainly for IoT-sensoer connecting. Read more from separate instructions: Wiiste_IoT_-_Naming_sensors_in_a_project_10-2021.pdf

Connect the SolidRH reader to the computer via the USB connection and start the WSync software. The WSync software reports a connection code in its user interface. For further information, refer to section “WSync and SolidRH reader”.

Move to naming of the project plan. As necessary, enter the connection code found in the WSync software to the field reserved for it and connect the reader on.

Sensors are added to the measurement points by dragging a sensor over the measurement point icon in the ground plan from the sensor list on the left.

Removal of sensor from the measurement point

The sensor can be removed from the measurement point by clicking the X mark in the measurement point next to the sensor’s serial number.

Basic data

The project basic data can be edited on the BASIC DATA page. By clicking “Save”, the data is saved and the page returns to the PROJECT PLAN page.

Access rights

The project users can be managed via the ACCESS RIGHTS page.

Adding a user to the project

Add a user by entering the user’s e-mail address and by clicking “Add user”. Note that the added user must be a registered user in the Relia service.

Management rights management

If you want to grant the user an opportunity for project management, this can be configured in the user list with the “Management right” option. Using the management rights, the user can edit all project data and measurement points.

Removing a user from the project

The user can be removed from the project by clicking the X icon in the “Remove” column of the user list.


Alarms will be sent with email to users assigned in access rights. More information (Finnish): Halytysprofiilit_Reliassa_10-2019.pdf

WSync and SolidRH reader

The measurement results in the memory of the SolidRH reader can be transferred to the Relia service, using WSync software. The WSync software and SolidRH reader can be used to connect the sensors to the measurement points in the Relia project.

In order to operate, the WSync software requires a Windows operating system.

WSync installation

The WSync software can be downloaded from the Wiiste Oy homepage at or

The software is installed by opening the wsync_setup_eng.exe file and following the instructions given by the setup programme.

The driver files of the SolidRH reader are automatically installed when the SolidRH reader is connected to the computer via a USB cable. The drivers shall be installed via the Windows Update service, so driver installation from Windows Update must be active when the SolidRH reader is connected to the computer.

If Windows cannot find suitable drivers for the SolidRH reader, for some reason, you can try to install them by yourself, according to the instructions found in the chip manufacturer’s site

Transfer of the measurement results to the Relia service

The measurement results are transferred to the Relia service as follows: